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AQ-30 (construction moisture meter)
DC electric resistance type, mini-shaped, 6 pieces of measurement ranges
Moisture measurement from timber to mortar/concrete, plaster, paper/paper products. MC mode built-in for comparing moisture contents of the other materials.
Woods (conifer, broad leaf), papers/paper products, etc.
Mortar, concrete, plaster, etc.
Measuring range  :  
      timber: 6.5~100% (SOFT, HARD)
      paper: 6.5~30%
      mortar: 2~11% (concrete, plaster)
      MC mode: 1~50 divided (no units, moisture content)
Mode switching  :   moisture % (wood, paper, mortar), MC mode
Display resolution  :   0.5%, 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% (depending on range), MC mode: 1
Reading method  :   LCD digital with a hold function
Temperature compensating  :   automatic temperature compensating (ON, OFF switching)
Power source  :   dry battery (LR03 1.5V)×2, auto-power off
Temperature  :   0~40℃ (non-condensing)
Weight & dimensions  :   56(W)×123(H)×34(D)mm, about 100g
Accessories  :   spare needles, hexagon wrench, conductive rubber electrode, electrode cover
Option  :   SB wire netting electrode, roller electrode, moisture reading checker