* The above photo shows the unit, MR-300 with a probe, KG-PA (option).
Multi-function type of moisture measurement
A wide range of moisture measuring objects by selecting a probe separately for connections.
Compact built-in printer with multi-functions
15000 of data memory with RS-232C output enabling processing and controlling of data.
Printer with statistical calculation functions enabling read-out on screen and print-out.
Measuring method  :   DC electric resistance type
Range  :   depending on probes (option) to be used,
              Timbers (conifers, broad leaf trees)   :   3.5~50%
              Papers, cardboard   :  3.5~40%
              Mortar, plaster   :  0.8~15%
              MC mode (moisture content )   :  1~100
Display resolution  :   0.1%
Measurement accuracy  :   ±0.3%
Mode switching  :   various kinds of moisture measurements %, MC mode
Reading method  :   LC display with a hold function, indications (probes, hold, voltage-drop, printer, high/low limits values)
Alarm  :   high/low limits values (either is also possible)
Probe  :   optional, selected by measuring objects.
Memory  :   fixed 5 blocks×3000 or, random block setting×numbers of memory, with Max. 15000 of memory
Statistical processing  :   values, data, Max, Min, mean, median, most frequent value, standard deviation, histogram, print-out
Data transfer  :   built-in RS-232C Interface
Transfer speed  :   19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200, 600 bps
Printer  :   thermal type, paper width 58mm
Power source  :   dry battery (LR6 1.5 V)×8 (4 out of 8 for printer), auto-power off
Temperature  :   0~40℃ (non-condensing)
Weight and dimensions  :   103(W)×41(H)×228(D)mm, 740g
Accessories  :   transfer cable, AC adaptor, roll papers, carrying case
Option  :   moisture reading checker