PM-101 (mortar, plaster moisture meter)
DC electric resistance type, easy to operate, mini shaped, digital
moisture measurement, control and inspection of mortar, concrete, plaster, etc.
measurement of concrete without influences of imbedded reinforced bars and concrete density
Measuring range  :  1~15% 1~100 (MC mode)
Display resolution  :  0.1% 1 (MC mode)
Mode switching  :  mortar/concrete, plaster, MC mode
Displayed average values  :  Max.20 points of average values of date displayed on reading. (switch OFF to delete)
Reading method  :  LCD, hold function, battery residue indicator
Alarm function  :  High limit setting 1.5~14.5% / a 0.5 % step, optional setting (MC mode) 2~99/ a 1 step, optional setting
Probe  :  small sized pressing type with rubber electrode
Power  :  Alkali dry battery (LR 03 1.5V×4), auto power OFF
Temperature  :  0~40℃ (non-condensing),
Weight & dimensions  :  80(W)×35(H)×150(D)mm, 320g
Accessories  :  carrying case
Option  :  electrode for deep concrete, moisture reading checker,