Maximum output: 112dB(A)1m [103dB(A)10ft/3m]
Nominal output: 105dB(A)1m +/-3dB Tone 2 {96dB(A)10ft/3m]
No. of tones: 32 (UKOOA / PFEER compliant)
No. of stages: Alarm horn:3, Xenon Beacon (DC only):2
Double strike pattern can be remotely switched
Volume control: Max. 105dB(A); Min. 96dB(A) – Tone 2
Effective range: 60m/197ft @ 1KHz
Stage switching: Negative (Reverse polarity switching on DC units)
Energy: 5 Joules (5Ws)
Flash rate: 1Hz (60 fpm)
DC units: Optionally 1.5Hz & double strike
Synchronisation: 1Hz flash rate automatically synchronised
Peak Candela: 500,000 cd – calculated from energy (J)
Eff. Intensity cd: 250 cd – calculated from energy (J)
Peak Candela: 49,788 cd* – measured ref. to I.E.S.
Eff. Intensity cd: 125 cd* – measured ref. to I.E.S.
Tube life: 70% emissions after 8 million flashes
Voltages DC: 24V dc (10-30V dc); 48V dc (35-60V dc)
[DC units can use 24V ac for single stage applications.]
Voltages AC: 24V ac; 115V ac; 230V ac
Ingress protection: IP65
Enclosure material: High impact UL94 V0 & 5VA FR ABS
Lens material: UV stable PC UL94 V0 FR
Bayonet lens fixing , Anti-tamper locking screw.
Cable entries: 2 x M20 clearance gland entries in side & back
Terminals: 0.5 to 1.5mm² cables.
Operating temp: -25 to +55°C [-13° to +131°F]
Storage temp: -40 to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity: 90% at 20° [68°F]
Weight: DC: 1.00kg/2.2Ibs AC:1.25kg/2.75Ibs
Candela measurements representative of performance with clear lens at optimum voltage.
SPL data +/-3dB(A). Measured at optimum voltage.


Part Codes

Version: Part code:
12V dc AB105STRDC12[x]/[y]
24V dc AB105STRDC24[x]/[y]
48V dc AB105STRDC48[x]/[y]
24V ac AB105STRAC24[x]/[y]
115V ac AB105STRAC115[x]/[y]
230V ac AB105STRAC230[x]/[y]
[x] = Enclosure colour: G: Grey R: Red
[y] = Lens colour: A: Amber B: Blue C: Clear
G: Green R: Red Y: Yellow
Suffix part number with ‘-P’ for stage programmable, 4 stage, 45 tone version.