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Tên: CL7685 – Bộ điều khiển

Model: CL7685

Nhà sản xuất: B&C Electronics

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công

CL7685 – Bộ điều khiển - B&C Electronics

CL7685 – Bộ điều khiển – B&C Electronics

Thông tin sản phẩm:

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Input from:

  • potentiostatic sensor
  • Pt100 3 wires Ranges: 0/2 PPM and 0/20 PPM autoranging

Dual filter software Calibration mode: immediate or postponed Calibration parameters display Dual set-point and alarm conditions display Automatic or manual temperature compensation

Isolated output:

  • 0/20 mA or 4/20 mA selectable
  • programmable input on the span Automatic, manual or simulated operation Dual set-point Selectable actions
  • ON/OFF
  • PFM Pulse frequency modulation
  • PWM Pulse width modulation
  • hysteresis, delay, and min/max programmable functions

Alarm: • continuous/flashing

  • min/max and delay programmable
  • on set-points timing Autoclean relay
  • auto + manual/manual action
  • holding function for input and outputs EEPROM parameters storage Automatic overload protection and reset Extractable terminal block 96×96 (1/4 DIN) housing


Các model sản phẩm khác:

Allen Bradley Model: 1794-OE12
I/O module
B&C Electronics CL7685
Potentiostatic Chlorine and D.Ozone microprocessor controller. Panel mounting 96x96x155 mm (110/220 Vac)
B&C Electronics SZ283
Potentiostatic sensor for Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Dissolved Ozone. Cable 3 m
B&C Electronics SZ7251
Flow cell with autoclean for SZ 283
Balluff BTL7-E570-M1524-Z-S32
Magnetostrictive Sensors (BTL0ZYA)

Bently Nevada

Model: 3500/33-01-CN
Channel Relay Module
Bifold Type: SPR-08-08-P1-32-NU-00-V
1/2″ NPT Pneumatik Ventil – SPR-08-08
Bifold Type: SPR-16-12-P1-32-NU-00-V
3/4″ NPT Pneumatik Ventil – SPR-16-12
Bifold Type: SH25-FR-SR-AD-10-X4
1″ NPT Filter / Regler- Bifold – SH25
Bifold Type: SPR-16-16-P1-32-NU-00-V
1″ NPT Pneumatik Ventil – SPR-16-16-P1


Type: S09-P1-32-NC-00
3/8″ NPT – Pneum.-Ventil – Bifold – S09
Bifold Type: SH06-FR-SR-MD-10-X1
1/4″ NPT – Filter / Regler – Bifold – SH06
Bifold Type: SH25-FR-SR-MD-10-X4
1″ NPT Filter / Regler – Bifold – SH25
Bifold Type: SH12-FR-SR-MD-10-X1
1/2″ NPT Filter / Regler – Bifold – SH12
BÜRKERT Code: 00064020
Description : 3/2-way valve; direct acting



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